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Step 1: Download the latest version of the tool from here:

Step 2: Extract it an click on ‘PS4 PS2 Classics GUI’.

Step 3: Once Application is open (you might need to allow it to run if MS smart screen comes up) you should then close it, and open it from your desktop, there should be an icon called ‘PS4 PS2 Classics GUI’. It will then prompt you for an update if you are connected to the internet. Allow the update.

Step 4: Obtain an ISO or Rip one from one of your old PS2 games. (You can use Power ISO for this).

Step 5: Find some background images for the PS4 homescreen and for the game icon.

Step 6: Once updated, the tool will open the PS2 Classic GUI and you can select your ISO file/s by clicking the box with the ‘ISO’ next to the “PS2 ISO” Textbox.

Step 7: You can either select just 1 iso, or select multiple (i recommend numbering the iso files before selecting them in the tool if you want to order them!)

Step 8: If you have multiple iso’s. you can change your content ID to whatever you want (Must be in format TTTTNNNNN — T = Text — N = Number), Otherwise the app will automatically make it the ps2 game ID if you only select 1 game!

Step 9: Make the Title whatever you want

Step 10: Right click on the game icon section to change the icon and background images.

Step 10b: If you have a custom config file for the game you are packaging up, you can add this by clicking ‘File’ and then the ‘custom config’ button. (optional)

Step 11: Click the “Create PS2 Classic” button.

Step 12: Profit? (you will nee to wait a bit because this can take some time if you have a slow computer. It munches CPU power) The app will play a trophy sound when its done and will open the directory where the pkg was saved to!

Step 13: You can now install your PKG file on your PS4 and it should run like a charm, just make sure to check the compatibility list ( make sure your game does not have issues.

Step 14 (if you made a multi ISO pkg): To swap games on the ps4, once the iso is installed, hold home button, and select the ‘Disc’ option from the menu that pops up, and you can select your disc to play (O = Enter and X = Back)

Got any questions? Drop a comment down below!

NOTE: If you ever need to unpack your PKG file, the password is currently set to: (versions <


Password for versions >


Credits to:




And everyone else involved in bits of this process along the way! Thank you to everyone out there sharing things for this community and making it what it is.